Parking Eiger+

The underground car park, which offers all modern conveniences and facilities, is operated by Parking Zürich AG. With its central location it’s the ideal starting point for shopping at Eiger+ and exploring the village.

Long-term parking spaces for rent

  • There are still some long-term parking spaces available for rent

The Facts

  • Direct access to Shopping mall
  • Opening times: 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Number of spaces: 252 short-term parking/long-term rental
  • Long term rental: from CHF 110/month (exklusive VAT)
  • Max. headroom (entrance): 2.05 m

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Contact for rentals

Pamela Gerber

Center Manager


Wincasa AG

Center Management Bern

Laupenstrasse 19

3001 Bern

Phone +41 31 385 86 45